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Our Ministries

Pasteur Adrien Ngudiankama
Evangelism and Intercession
Pastor Adrien & Team
Word Ministry
Pasteur Adrien, Pasteur Claude, Papa John Mususa, Papa Sabwe Mulangu, Maman Betty Osias
Family Ministry
Papa Sabwe Mulangu
Men's Ministry
Papa John Mususa
Women's Ministry
Sr. Karine Taka, Maman Helene Mususa
Youth Ministry
Papa Kapea, Sr. Getou, Fr. Jonathan
Children's Ministry
Sr. Natalie, Sr. Melie
Praise Team
Papa Ono, Maman Gisele, Sr. Huguette Dinganga, Papa Layizia and team
Church Vision Ministry Support
Papa Kapea, Sr. Getou, Fr. Jonathan
Transportation Ministry
Papa Gustave
Social Ministry
Maman Leticia Mulangu and team
Church Secretaries
Sr. Scarlette and Ms. Makengo
Finance and Budget
Sr. Betty Osias, Papa Serge Dingaga, Maman Helen

African EducareMission Group

Democratic Republic
of the Congo

BIMAUat American U.

Baptist International Ministry at American U....

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